Friday, May 26, 2017

Hotel Theranda welcomed Albanian Skills 2017 competition

Hotel Theranda welcomed Albanian Skills, a nonprofit organization which organized “Albanian skills 2017”. The first part of completion had to do with Hotel & Restaurant Service Competition where young people were put on test in a scene with actors pretending to be clients. A jury of experts was supervising and evaluating the behavior of candidates.  Young people received certificates at the end of the training.  

 A talk with bloggers and social media communicators, as key actors on promoting the tourism in Albania was the second part of the agenda where bloggers met to share the passion and ideas on how to better promote Albania online.  
The competitions on Hotel, Restaurant & Bar Service as organized at Theranda Hotel, one of the most popular hotels in Tirana and has been awarded by TripAdvisor as best service hotel for several years.

The objective of this initiative is  to promote skilled youngsters and expose them to the labour market, by matching the demand for job with skilled personnel.  
Bloggers and travellers from all over the world are playing an important role to promote tourism, and Albania is part of this global trend with great potential bloggers who can be considered as a good angle for promoting skills in this field.

The Albanian Skills 2017 Event is moving to other locations to promote and  skills highly required in the market such as web development, photography etc