Saturday, September 10, 2011

Theranda Hotel was awarded the Silver Prize of the Mark of Quality for Hotel accommodation

The Authentic Albania Quality Mark Awards Program supports enterprises in Albanian tourism industry by establishing quality hotel standards and building opportunities for tourism businesses. The program will be the country’s first system that rates accommodation facilities in Albania. The program is launched by USAID’s Rritje Albania Program, the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports, and the Albanian Tourism Association (ATA).

Gold, Silver, and Bronze Authentic Albania awards were determined based on the Authentic Albania quality mark framework which evaluates facilities using seven key dimensions that together address the travelers’ requirements for professionalism, safety, cleanliness, and comfort, as well as demonstrate responsible tourism practices.

The Authentic Albania quality mark framework was developed based on the 37 standards of the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria, a U.N. global initiative to support sustainable tourism, and similar programs supported by USAID in Croatia, Bulgaria, and most recently in Macedonia.

By being rewarded Silver Prize of the Mark of Quality for Hotel accommodation, Theranda Hotel represents a selected hotel for accommodations that will be able to bear the Authentic Albania quality mark symbol and benefit from promotion and marketing services provided by the ATA. All Authentic Albania quality mark awards are valid for two years, after which the accommodations must undergo a new assessment to remain in the program.


  1. Such a nice article which Theranda Hotel awarded the silver prize for the hotel accommodation. In which they one of the best hotel had past the standards for hotel category.Thanks a lot for sharing this article.

  2. Theranda Hotel is really a great place to stay. The staff are very wonderful too. Congratulations! You really deserve this Quality Mark Award!

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  4. Theranda Hotel is really deserves for that award and even i congratulate to that hotel.