Saturday, September 10, 2011

Helping people and being Social Responsible

Tourism is a fast growing industry and a valuable sector, contributing significantly to the Albanian economy. Tourism affects the economy and lives of communities and has proven to be a lifesaver for the economy of Albania.
Realizing the importance of cooperation with other actors such as local government and local community, we at Theranda Hotel have never stopped being sensible on the issues such as friendliness towards the environment and the local community. We are proud act upon our principles and hope that other businesses would follow, in protecting the environment and improving the quality of life for the local communities.
During the 3 years of activity in Tirana we have, not only minimized the negative impact by reducing the chlorine, detergent and water use or by being energy efficient through the use of solar power but we have invested considerably in improving the local surroundings, which are not part of our property.
The entire local community knows and recognizes the investments made by Theranda Hotel which consist in:

  • The repair, cleaning  and maintenance of waste water
  • Disposal of waste water

  •  Full removal and disposal of  debris accumulated in the road behind the hotel, caused by the irresponsibility of certain residents. Laying of gravel on the cleared space, creating a more relaxed and enjoyable environment not only for the residents of the hotel but for the nearby residents as well


  •  We connected underground the discharge pipes of waste water (at the building facing the parking area) which were on the surface and which among others seriously damaging the people and building itself.
Discharge pipes
  • Filling the potholes of the road in the parking of the local residents and the road in front of Theranda
potholes in front of Theranda
  • Painting of the facade of the building in front of the hotel.

Facade of building in front of Theranda hotel

Theranda Hotel was awarded the Silver Prize of the Mark of Quality for Hotel accommodation

The Authentic Albania Quality Mark Awards Program supports enterprises in Albanian tourism industry by establishing quality hotel standards and building opportunities for tourism businesses. The program will be the country’s first system that rates accommodation facilities in Albania. The program is launched by USAID’s Rritje Albania Program, the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports, and the Albanian Tourism Association (ATA).

Gold, Silver, and Bronze Authentic Albania awards were determined based on the Authentic Albania quality mark framework which evaluates facilities using seven key dimensions that together address the travelers’ requirements for professionalism, safety, cleanliness, and comfort, as well as demonstrate responsible tourism practices.

The Authentic Albania quality mark framework was developed based on the 37 standards of the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria, a U.N. global initiative to support sustainable tourism, and similar programs supported by USAID in Croatia, Bulgaria, and most recently in Macedonia.

By being rewarded Silver Prize of the Mark of Quality for Hotel accommodation, Theranda Hotel represents a selected hotel for accommodations that will be able to bear the Authentic Albania quality mark symbol and benefit from promotion and marketing services provided by the ATA. All Authentic Albania quality mark awards are valid for two years, after which the accommodations must undergo a new assessment to remain in the program.

Certificate of Excellence, Year 2011 by Trip Advisor for Theranda Hotel

It is always good to hear positive things about your business-particularly when they come from the people who matter the most-your guests. It is something we at Theranda Hotel are proud of receiving the Certificate of Excellence for 2011 by Trip Advisor.

The Certificate of Excellence is awarded to qualifying accommodations, attractions and restaurants listed on Trip Advisor that maintain a high overall user rating and a high volume of recent and quality reviews.

It was with joy when we received two weeks ago, our first Certificate of Excellence for 2011 awarded annually by website TripAdvisor.  Thanks to our commitment and the long term vision, Theranda Hotel has been acknowledged as the Number 1 Hotel for business and among most popular hotels in Tirana during the entire 3 years of its activity.

This certificate is also our way of saying “thank you” to our guests which with their close observations and suggestions have helped us to improve our service continuously.